Thursday, July 8, 2010

wedding odds and ends

possibly a summer wedding project...many if not most of the wedding is pretty diy by me and the fiance or other artisans. it's been rather exciting. these i have been fascinated by for quite some time and the occasion is as good an excuse as any!

These are pajaki:The literal translation is "spiders of straw". Located 90 kilometers from Warsaw the town of Lowicz and surrounding villages comprise the center of what many consider to be Poland's most colorful folk region. A typical village house from this area was full of colored flower paintings, fancy paper cut-outs and mobiles made of straw and colored paper. The mobiles or pajaki are delicate creations hand made by the women and girls of the villages as decorations for their homes


first from WREN Handmade
definition and second from the Polish Art Center


  1. oh these are so amazing and sooo traditional! you should definitely get some :)

  2. I just finished making my own (just posted a photo)! It was so much fun.